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Matthew Johnson believes furniture should be made to last a lifetime.


That belief is rooted in the heart of his work as a skilled craftsman and furniture designer, and each heirloom-quality piece he builds in his one-man shop will last for decades to come.


From simple to ornate, he adapts his designs and construction methods to his clients’ needs to create custom furniture that fits naturally into the client’s home and budget, without compromising quality.


Utilizing a mix of hand tools, machinery, and both traditional and modern techniques, he looks to the past while building for the future, creating contemporary yet timeless furniture.


Matthew continues to hone his style building a variety of custom-made pieces. His projects range from simple storage boxes, bookcases, or tables to more complex pieces, such as consoles, chairs, stools, dressers, and beds.


If you would like to know more, please contact Matthew.

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